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The Little City By The River

Considering a move to Cornwall Ontario? 

Cornwall Ontario

Well I for one have lived in Cornwall Ontario pretty much my entire life.  With the exception of about a year living away from this city, I can proudly say that this is where I call home.

Cornwall is located in what I’ve said for years is a “Prime Place for Doing Business”. 

With Ottawa and Montreal just an hour away, the American border a hop skip and jump across the St. Lawrence River and the 401 corridor connecting us to Toronto and the GTA within mere hours, this spot is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

What’s our city have to offer you?

Cornwall Ontario offers you that small town feel, yet with amenities that are big city style.  We’re seeing more and more big box chains coming and setting up local businesses every year. 

New facilities have also been popping up to serve our population such as a curling club, a new sports centre and an aquatic centre.

Over the past few years, we’ve also been seeing a shift from the once dominating manufacturing and textile type of employment to a Transportation/Warehousing type of nature. 

This has cleaned up the air we breathe in our community and has prompted more companies to take a closer look at our growing city. 

As a result, some pretty large companies have decided to set up shop right here in our city and this has and will continue to lead to more employment opportunities for our residents.

What’s there to do here?

There’s plenty to keep you busy around here.  Cornwall offers some fine family owned shops and restaurants that you can patron in our downtown core.  Watch a movie at our multi-screen theatre or take a hike on one of our nearby nature trails.

In addition, with the Seaway on our doorstep and cottage country within an hours drive in either direction along the river, you can spend your leisure time relaxing at your cottage or sitting on a nearby beach.

For you golfers, you’ll find you have a wide selection of golf and country clubs to choose from and we also have several fitness facilities for the athletic and fitness buffs reading this and considering our fine city as your next home.

But I have children!

That’s great…so do I and there's lots for them to do here!!

Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off

At various times throughout the year, our city hosts free skating at local arenas, free swimming at the aquatic centre, and family festival events such as the Cornwall Winterfest Carnaval, the hot air balloon festival cleverly named Kinsmen Cornwall "Lift-Off", the Cornwall Seaway Lions Club Ribfest as well as the Canada Day celebrations just to name a few.

Not far from the city you’ll also find Upper Canada Village which is a great place to spend time with your kids, nearby beaches, water parks, a dinosaur park and our family favourite ice cream parlour.

To educate your kids, Cornwall Ontario houses a large selection of both public and separate schools in both official languages.  They’re divided up into districts so where your children attend will depend on where you decide to purchase your new home. 

Our city also offers numerous clubs for kids such as dance, gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, hockey and other sports and even a few that are of no cost to you such as sea, air and army cadets for your young teens.

What If I’m Retired?

If you’re beyond your working days and you’re looking for a place to call home that offers services for seniors within a short distance, then Cornwall Ontario is a good choice. 

That’s the beauty of this city;  although we will surely grow in the coming years, everything is just a short distance away and you can literally cross the entire city in under 15 minutes…..ok, maybe just a tad longer if you’re trying to do so at 4pm when everyone else is making their way home after work.

We have a new hospital under construction and there are various walk-in clinics throughout the city offering a multitude of services. 

Our local transit provider has a handi-transit program in place for those less mobile folks who can’t make their way around as easily as others.

What About Cost of Living?

You’ll pretty much pay the same as you would in any Ontario city for daily items such as groceries, fuel and entertainment with a few fluctuations as to be expected anywhere.

What Cornwall Ontario presently offers that no other city can easily claim to beat is the price of housing.  Cornwall is said to presently have one of the lowest housing costs in the country.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, you absolutely need to do your homework and consider work and life in Cornwall Ontario.

With so much to offer, ample work opportunities, low housing prices and that small town feel, Cornwall Ontario is more than just a place to live and work….

It’s a place to raise a family and to be part of a growing community.

It’s a place to call “Home”.

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