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So you're interested in searching MLS® real estate property listings for Cornwall Ontario and surrounding areas but you don't want to have to provide any personal information in order to do so.

I get that and I completely understand.

In fact, as I surf the Internet, I too, often come across many websites that require my personal information before they will share any of their goodies with me. When that happens, I do what other do.....I simply surf on to the next website.

Things are different here, as you will soon see. I'm not even going to ask you for an email address. There is absolutely no registration required to access the information provided throughout this website!

As a Real Estate Professional, I don't make any income unless I help you buy, sell or lease a real estate property.

All I ask of you in return for the information and the services that I am providing here through my website is this:

When you are ready to sell your home or buy a new home, please visit my "Cornwall Ontario Real Estate Professional" page to learn more about me as well as my "Why hire me" page to determine if you and I would be a good fit to work together.

What do you think of that deal?

You get full access to the Cornwall Ontario MLS® real estate property listings search right here on my website. In return, all I ask of you is that you give me a chance at earning your confidence to represent you should you decide to purchase or sell your home or other real estate property.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Until then, have fun and happy searching....

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As an Ontario real estate professional, I take pride in serving my hometown of Cornwall and it's surrounding communities. These communities include, but are not limited to, those within Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry counties as follows: Alexandria, Apple Hill, Avonmore, Bainsville, Cardinal, Chesterville, Cornwall, Crysler, Dunvegan, Finch, Glen Walter, Green Valley, Hawkesbury, Ingleside, Iroquois, Lancaster, Long Sault, Lunenburg, Martintown, Maxville, Monkland, Moose Creek, Morrisburg, Newington, St. Albert, St. Andrews, Summerstown, Williamstown and Winchester.

Direct: 1-613-363-3052
Office: 1-613-209-3555
1424 Aubin Avenue
Cornwall, ON
K6J 4S2