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On this page, I offer you an absolutely free property search service that is a very POWERFUL tool when it comes to helping you with your real estate search. This could be the key to helping you find your dream home.

It's very simple to get set up.

Once you've completed and submitted the form below, I will personally set up your private profile in our system. You will then automatically receive an email with a list of all homes presently available on the market which fall into your specific criteria.

After that first email, you will receive additional emails each and every time a new property is listed or a current listing is reduced in price.

These emails link to your very own personal profile page where you can decline listings, save them for viewing later and approve them with comments that I can see in order to communicate with each other and/or arrange appointments to view properties.

At any time, you can email me directly with just one click in order to ask me any questions that arise pertaining to your property search profile or any other real estate related questions.

This fantastic search tool virtually eliminates the need for you to do any manual searching. This means you can relax knowing that you will not miss out on a potential dream property because you accidentally missed it when performing your own manual real estate search.


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If your privacy is a concern, please review our privacy policy before filling out this form. Rest assured, we never share any personal information without your permission at anytime unless required by law.

Go ahead and fill out the form below as completely as possible. Some fields are required (indicated with an asterisk *) while others are not. Required fields are there in order to narrow down the search and not send you properties you're not going to be interested in.

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701 - Morrisburg
702 - Iroquois
703 - South Dundas (Matilda) Twp
704 - South Dundas (Williamsburgh) Twp
705 - Chesterville
706 - Winchester
707 - North Dundas (Winchester) Twp
708 - North Dundas (Mountain) Twp
709 - Finch
710 - Moose Creek
711 - North Stormont (Finch) Twp
712 - North Stormont (Roxborough) Twp
713 - Ingleside
714 - Long Sault
715 - South Stormont (Osnabruck) Twp
716 - South Stormont (Cornwall) Twp
717 - City of Cornwall
718 - Maxville
719 - Alexandria
720 - North Glengarry (Kenyon) Twp
721 - North Glengarry (Lochiel) Twp
722 - Lancaster
723 - South Glengarry (Charlottenburgh) Twp
724 - South Glengarry (Lancaster) Twp
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As an Ontario real estate professional, I take pride in serving my hometown of Cornwall and it's surrounding communities. These communities include, but are not limited to, those within Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry counties as follows: Alexandria, Apple Hill, Avonmore, Bainsville, Cardinal, Chesterville, Cornwall, Crysler, Dunvegan, Finch, Glen Walter, Green Valley, Hawkesbury, Ingleside, Iroquois, Lancaster, Long Sault, Lunenburg, Martintown, Maxville, Monkland, Moose Creek, Morrisburg, Newington, St. Albert, St. Andrews, Summerstown, Williamstown and Winchester.

Direct: 1-613-363-3052
Office: 1-613-938-3860
111-722 Pitt Street
Cornwall, ON
K6J 3R9