Cornwall Ontario REALTOR® Resume

So I've taken the time to make out my own personal Cornwall Ontario REALTOR® resume.

It may seem a little different to post a resume about a real estate agent's skills and attributes however I am technically applying for a job....the job of representing you in your real estate transaction....

....and besides, if you've spent more than just a few minutes on this web site, you've probably already figured out that I am different.  I do things most others won't take the time to do (such as investing countless hours in developing a website with its main purpose to educate you) and I get positive results by doing so.

I take my job as a real estate sales professional very seriously and hopefully presenting you with my formal Cornwall Ontario REALTOR® resume is a step in the right direction of showing you how serious I am.

So here it is....

Cornwall Ontario REALTOR® Resume - OBJECTIVE

My ultimate goal is to use my past experience of buying and selling real estate to help the following people:

  • Homeowner's looking to sell their Ontario properties, specifically in Cornwall and the surrounding communities, however keep in mind that I can help with any sale anywhere within the Province of Ontario.
  • Anyone looking to purchase a property as a new primary residence, cottage or building lot.
  • Investors looking to purchase income properties, land, or flips (fix it up and resell it).
  • People relocating to our area from out of province.
  • First time home buyers (I absolutely love helping first time buyers because it provides a great feeling of satisfaction to me when I can provide answers to their questions and I especially love the moment that I can say "Congratulations, you've just bought your very first home!!"

If when looking at the above categories you feel you may not fit into any of them, feel free to contact me either through my contact form or by phone and we can discuss your needs and wants.  Chances are very good that I will still be able to help you out.

Cornwall Ontario REALTOR® Resume - WORK EXPERIENCE

Royal LePage Performance Realty
Started May 20, 2014 - still working here.

So I set off on a new path in May of 2014, joining Royal LePage Performance Realty.  

The Cornwall office is one of many owned and operated by the same individual and the resources available to me are plentiful.  I am excited about this move and I look forward to many years serving past, existing and new clients out of this branch office.

Storm Realty Cornwall
Started February 3, 2011 - May 20, 2014

So I learned the ropes and paid my dues initially at Storm Realty Cornwall.  They're a smaller Brokerage currently exclusive to our area but they're a great company to work for and I learned many things in my time there....and trust me, the learning curve in this business is steep and even at times painful. 

After 3 years I chose to leave this company in order to expand my knowledge and to see what a larger corporate Brokerage could offer me in my learning. 

In my time here, I made many friends of whom I consider to be like family.  I also gained the respect of my peers both here and in the other real estate companies that I interact with in my daily work. 

I have many fond memories and I had a lot of fun working at this company.

Supply Chain Management
Started March 2000 and left in August of 2012.

For the most part, working in a warehouse environment was a great experience. I was what they called a Vendor Compliance Coordinator.  This essentially boiled down to the task of addressing and correcting shipping and packaging compliance issues directly with the suppliers and keeping channels of communication open with the home office of our one and only customer; the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart.  I learned a lot about running a business working here but I learned even more about customer service.

My fondest memories of working there was the interaction with the dedicated team that I lead.  The capacity of that leadership role changed slightly over my time working there but overall, I was very fortunate to work with the same core group of people for almost 12 straight years.  This was, what I believe, a huge training period in my life where I learned to listen to and understand people's needs. 

This serves me well in so many areas of my life today but I feel it was a major staging for the success that I am now experiencing in my real estate business.  Great customer service must be the first priority in my opinion for any business.

Other Jobs

Before working at Supply Chain Management, I worked in construction as a Heavy Equipment Operator for a year or two after college.  I didn't stick with that for very long because my brain never stops working and sitting inside a piece of equipment for 12-14 hour days was just so mentally exhausting....I was constantly thinking and it was making me jittery. 

Besides, I much prefer to be interacting with humans rather than the controls of a machine.  

I also worked in office furniture sales at Staples (called Business Depot at the time) for a few years while in college and a few family restaurants as a cook and waiter before that in my teen years.


  • My first client ever was a Seller client. I listed the home in February (historically a slow time for home sales) right after obtaining my license. The home sold within four days. I immediately fell in love with this business just by seeing the expression on my clients' face when I shared the news.

  • I had a Seller client ask me once what my List to Sales ratio was. This is essentially asking how close I get to the asking price on my listings. My explanation was that this number is easily skewed by the final decision of the client since they may not always list the property at my recommended price. This client peaked my curiosity however so I went through my history of sales for 2012 and the final result was an average List to Sales ratio of 96%. I think that pretty good.

  • Although I've only been in this business for just over two years now, I've negotiated and closed 15 sales in my first year and I more than doubled that in my second year. I also carry an pretty even balance of past Buyer clients to Seller clients.

Cornwall Ontario REALTOR® Resume - EDUCATION

  • Attended two years of college at St. Lawrence College.

  • Completed Heavy Equipment Operator training program in 1998.

  • Completed Manufacturing Leadership certification program in 2005.

  • Completed my Pre-Registration Real Estate licensing education in 2010.

  • Completed my 2 year Articling Real Estate licensing education in 2012.

  • Real Estate Continuing Education courses every year going forward.

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      As an Ontario real estate professional, I take pride in serving my hometown of Cornwall and it's surrounding communities. These communities include, but are not limited to, those within Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry counties as follows: Alexandria, Apple Hill, Avonmore, Bainsville, Cardinal, Chesterville, Cornwall, Crysler, Dunvegan, Finch, Glen Walter, Green Valley, Hawkesbury, Ingleside, Iroquois, Lancaster, Long Sault, Lunenburg, Martintown, Maxville, Monkland, Moose Creek, Morrisburg, Newington, St. Albert, St. Andrews, Summerstown, Williamstown and Winchester.

Direct: 1-613-363-3052
Office: 1-613-209-3555
1424 Aubin Avenue
Cornwall, ON
K6J 4S2